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Fixed Plant Maintenance Solutions (FPMS) provide all the necessary support to ensure equipment availability through best practice maintenance. We have extensive experience within concentrator maintenance, so we understand the vital importance of daily preventative maintenance schedules. Therefore we are able to provide maintenance departments with expert recommendations as to what is required – either minimum or optimum recommendations – to reduce breakdowns and unexpected, costly plant down time.

Our other services include:

Shutdown Supervision – Independently supervise mill shutdowns ensuring work is completed on time and at cost, and rectifying any problems that arise during the outage. Shutdown Planning – In conjunction with the Shutdown Supervision, FPMS can plan small to large shutdowns dealing with specialised areas within the concentrator. This drastically reduces the workload on site supervisors or planners who traditionally have more than enough responsibilities managing the day-to-day operations.

Shutdown Manning – Our experienced tradesmen can carry out all aspects of shutdown maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance – Breakdown prevention is fundamental in reducing lost time. The critical areas that fall within preventative maintenance are pinion and girth gear inspections, bearing inspections and drive trains. FPMS can visit your site to carry out an inspection, reporting on the condition of your equipment whilst building essential preventative maintenance strategies. Upon completion of the inspection and compilation of the report, FPMS can provide you with further recommendations such as repair, replacement or continued inspections to increase equipment availability.

Laser Aligning – Laser aligning is a key part of any maintenance program to reduce load on couplings, bearings and foundations from vibrations contributed to shaft misalignment. FPMS provides on-site laser aligning of all couplings and components.

Project Management – FPMS can provide the personnel you need to Project manage breakdowns, repairs and installations or general shutdown maintenance.


Some examples of services we’ve provided for satisfied customers include:

– 2 x complete in-situ shell replacements (32′ shell dia) at the Savage River mine, Tasmania.

– 5 x Dryer coil changes at BHP Olympic Dam.

– Double Trunnion bearing change at Adelaide Brighton Cement – in alliance with SKF Aust.
– Mill relocation for James Hardie. Carol Park to Meeandah, QLD
– Ongoing specialist support for Newcrest Lihir Island, PNG
– Ongoing shutdown maintenance support for BHP Olympic Dam.
– Mill installation at new Wagners cement plant in Pinkenba, QLD
– 4 x Mill installations at RASP project (Broken Hill, NSW)
– Mill installation at James Hardie (Brisbane plant)
– Continued maintenance support for Kanmantoo Copper mine – Trunnion bearing change
– Pinion replacement, trunnion bearing change – Tritton Copper mine.
– QAL – 2 x girth gear changes, head replacement, trunnion bearing change (1180)
– 4 x Dryer Coil change’s. Olympic Dam, South Aust
– 4 x Girth gear replacements at Savage River mines, Tasmania. On going support.
– Shutdown supervision / Mill maintenance at MMG Sepon (loas)


If not, don’t delay any longer… contact FPMS today to discuss how we can help you to ensure your mill is running optimally, with effective maintenance schedules in place. Email brentd@fixedplantms.com.au.